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Freezing and Storage Consumables

Freezing preservation is a commonly used method for long-term storage of biological samples, cells, and biological products. During the freezing preservation process, various high-quality consumables are used to protect the integrity and vitality of the samples and cells. We manufacture cryogenic storage tubes using USPVI-certified medical-grade polypropylene. This material does not release a large amount of leachables, ensuring that the stored samples remain clean and uncontaminated. The sterile product version undergoes sterilization through an irradiation process validated by IS011137, with a SAL level of 10-6. The product range of cryogenic storage tubes includes different capacities, basic forms, and various cap colors for low-temperature tubes. 2D cryogenic storage tubes provide multiple functions for the identification and labeling of individual samples, including colored screw caps, white scratch-resistant writing areas, and barcode options.

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Efforts to build a high-end brand of laboratory consumables.
SAINING was established in May 2018, settled in Taizhou (Xianju) Medical Device Industrial Park in February 2019, and established SAINING (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in March 2020. We are a biological laboratory consumables manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales.

Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly and now has a 100,000-level purification workshop of 15,000 square meters, a factory area of 30,000 square meters, a Suzhou technology research and development center, a Suzhou production base and a Taizhou production base. The main products include cell culture, biological detection liquid processing, medical equipment, safety protection, etc., which can be widely used in testing institutions (IVD), biological research, medical treatment, new drug research and development, laboratory scientific research and other fields. The product has performance and high quality. After testing by third-party testing agencies and relevant scientific research units, it has the ability to replace high-quality imported products.
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