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Since its establishment in May 2018, Saining Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. has focused on the R & D and production of labware disposable consumables. Leading

disposable laboratory consumables, Labware manufacturer and supplier in China

, Now it has a 100000 level purification workshop of 3000 square meters, covering an area of 10000 square meters. It has two production bases in Suzhou and Taizhou. The main products include cell culture series, micropipette series, filtration series, sample preservation series, bacterial culture series, PCR series, centrifuge tube series, etc., which can be widely used in the fields of testing institutions (IVD), biological&medical research, new drug research and development. The product has superior performance, and has the ability to replace high-quality imported products after self inspection, third-party testing and relevant scientific research institutions testing. The company has ISO13485, ISO9001, CE and other certification and invention patents.
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